Broadcast QC for ITV Studios

"For myself and my staff the course that Pat ran on QC was absolutely brilliant. The pace and the detail within the course was perfect and Pat made the whole two days a very enjoyable experience by keeping a relaxed and informal style and approach. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants someone experienced and knowledgeable on QC."

QC, Loudness, Digital Fundementals, SKY

"Pat has run training such as Loudness, QC/Broadcast Standards and Digital Video Fundamentals. He is always easy to deal with, straight forward and most importantly, extremely adaptable to our needs."

"Pat is always more than willing to come up with something bespoke or combine different elements of courses to build something to fit the brief. Pat is a pleasure to work with as a trainer and is great at bringing subjects to life, whilst making training an enjoyable experience."

Post Production Overview for Universal Pictures

"I thought the training session was great, Pat really knows his stuff and would happily answer any/all technical questions (no matter how relevant they were). I learned a lot and thought Pat was a great teacher who explained things in such a way that everyone understood."

Post Production Overview for Universal Pictures

"I found the course extremely engaging and although many of the topics we covered were highly technical I felt it was very accessible and presented in a really interesting and thought provoking way. I think Pat got the balance just right so that it went into enough technical detail to expand/improve on our current knowledge in different areas, but not so much so that it went over our heads. Plus it was great being able to interact with Pat and have discussions as a group throughout the day."