Quality Control QC / QAR Training for Broadcast & Post

Who are the sessions aimed at?

A 1 or 2 day course covering the current position in the UK Broadcast and Post delivery.
We cover the theory of QC/QAR and the various QC “scoring” methods, how Producer sign-off has changed the language we use. This course is flexible and can be adapted to suit the teams specific requirements including understanding test equipment, AQC, PSE and loudness
As with all the VET Course they are delivered at your site for your group making them easier to arrange and cost effective.

File and Codec understanding for Archivists and Conservators 

Who are the sessions aimed at?

These one day session are aimed at those who need to handle and understand file based moving image media. The last 20 years or so have seen a transition from physical moving image formats to file based content and not all those conversions have followed the technical specifications as they should.
The course aims to explain those standards in more detail, how subsampling and bit depth work and what they mean. How to identify files and wrappers and uncover the real content. How to compare various source files to determine which is the best quality.
As with all the VET Course they are delivered at your site for your group making them easier to arrange and cost effective.

UHD & HDR Primer

Who are the sessions aimed at?

These half day session are aimed at Producers who need to start engaging with UHD and HDR. Even if they aren’t dealing with that content yet they need to know what it is to avoid it! This also suits Bookings staff and anyone who needs to have informed discussions with clients
As with all the VET Course they are delivered at your site for your group making them easier to arrange and cost effective.

What the sessions cover:

A quick reminder of the HD spec.  How is UHD different from HD
How is 4K different from UHD. Why we shouldn’t use the term 4K for UHD productions
What is HDR? And what is SDR? What cameras do we need?
I hear there is more than one type of HDR? (there is indeed)
A brief consideration of how UHD & HDR will impact our current workflows
How much does the new kit cost
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Off the shelf ready to run courses

For many of our clients an off the shelf training solution is the best value.

We price these courses based on a range of attendee numbers and can often deliver them in a suitable meeting room equipped with a large monitor and sound.

These courses are particularly useful for CPD, Continuing Professional Development of staff. We can provide overview as well as more technical courses to suit a wide range of staffing needs.

These courses range from Post Overview, Understanding Digital Content, Files and Compression through to QC courses.

All are developed and delivered by Pat Horridge

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Bespoke customised courses

If an off the shelf course doesn’t quite suit, or you need a tailored course to optimise the delivery time and content covered, then we are more than able to help.

Starting from scratch, or from one or more off the shelf courses, we can carry out a training needs analysis and create exactly the course you need.

Courses can be theory based, hands on operationally based, or a combination of both.

Theory based training can be delivered in on of your meeting rooms using a large TV and sound system.

Operational training is normally delivered on you kit in your suites.

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Technical consultations

Having problems with your Avid systems? Getting the run around from your internal IT people or your external support company?

We’ve had many years of sorting technical issues and workflow bottlenecks. We can visit your site, talk to those involved, often resolve issues there and then, report back with recommendations and coordinate all the various parties.

Its good to have somebody on your side who actually understands what you need!

We’ve worked across a wide range of Post and Broadcast setups and bring a depth of understanding and knowledge only 30 years in the industry can provide.

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VET Broadcast & Post Production Operational & Technical Training

Delivering industry training for over 30 years.

Bespoke technical training is now delivered by Pat Horridge. VET Training delivers bespoke and off the shelf training on site at clients tailored to their specific needs and timing requirements.